laruebee (laruebee) wrote,

Run #4

I am red, sore, overheated, dehydrated, and have successfully sweat through three layers of supposedly moisture-resistant layers of clothing.

But I "ran," two miles, without the use of an iPod or a boyfriend. The iPod was out of battery life, and I didn't have time to make a new playlist anyway.

I tried counting steps by the tens, but lost track at 1500.

I tried to run the entire distance I marked for myself, but failed.

It was partially mental, partially because I hadn't eaten anything this morning.

But I made it out there, The Girls successfully strapped in with a sports bra, running bra, and running top to protect them, and last run's problem of riding shorts resolved with a pair of sliders underneath my soccer shorts. My motivation: the text message I would send my wonderful man, who is out of town on business.

Now I am on my way to my college town to see my proper class graduate on time. Let's hope the eating stays good!

I'll post pics later.
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