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Run #5

Tonight I jogged TWO -count 'em-TWO miles. Without stopping. With intermittent sprinting. It helped to have an awesome new playlist of music from naturaldancer. For some reason, Depeche Mode's "The Promise" (=very special to me and JT) felt good, so I listened to it on repeat for about the first mile and, get this, the Remember the Titans Theme as I was finishing the last stretch. Like many women, I am insanely connected to music, so I cued it to the really climactic sequence and did our little sprint we do at the end with extra strength. Throughout the run, when I hit hard parts, I got through them by doing anything from weaving (running to the left and then the right) and completely relaxing the muscles in my hands and wrists so they kind of flailed around in front of me. Yeah, definitely glad JT didn't see that last one.

We went to the grocery store and stocked up his fridge with some healthy stuff. We bought Vitamin Water, which is an answer to my prayers because I am so tired of Propel, but my other favorite no-calorie water is pure carbonation and Nutrisweet, so I like to limit my intake. Vitamin Waters are super tasty, enhanced with vitamins (in case you didn't catch the name haha) and electrolytes, and only have about 50 calories a pop, so they're very comparable to Propel. He's going to start packing his lunch for work, which will help him make healthier choices. His ab muscles are already getting pretty toned. It's not fair how fast his metabolism is! We bought some Edy's slow-churned chocolate ice cream. It's supposedly less calories than regular ice cream and will keep us sane. Both of us are major chocoholics =) A lady at his work gave him some special nutella chocolates, and they were AMAZING and I've heard they are healthier, but I'm not too sure?

Other foods I want to implement into my diet: snap peas for their texture, I've been on a huge mushroom kick, edamame (love it from Pei Wei), Pom teas, more Bolthouse Farms chai instead of the real kind, and whole wheat spaghetti noodles with organic sauce and maybe soy sausage or something. My new motivation couldn't have come at a worse time; my mom decided to redo our entire kitchen, so we're basically forced to eat out all the time because all of the countertops and appliances are unaccessible.

Ultimately, I feel wonderful. I can't sleep because I feel so great, in fact! This is the feeling that I get from working out, and I haven't felt it until now. So...


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